KIDS! Repurposed Duvet Pocket T-shirt Age 5-6

KIDS! Repurposed Duvet Pocket T-shirt Age 5-6

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We care about the environment here at Silly Girl Club which is why we've been collecting old bedsheets that were no longer wanted and turning them into fun, new products with the world in mind.

 The exact sizing can be found on the last picture :)

If you're unsure how to measure yourself and don't own a tape measure, I advise measuring your favourite t-shirt (with a ruler if that's all you have!!) in the places shown to get a better understanding of fit.

Please note that we do accept returns if the item is delivered back to us in unworn, unwashed condition, however all postage is non-refundable. We are unable to exchange items due to the nature of the products being one-off. We advise checking your sizing thoroughly before purchasing as i'm only one person and this causes major setbacks for others.

The company that produces these tshirts is certified organic under the GOTS. They implement the Fair Wear Foundation's Code of Conduct. The Code of Conduct is a contract between the factory and FWF and incorporates the following eight labour standards:

1) no use of child labour 
2) No use of forced labour 
3) Safe and healthy working conditions 
4) Legal labour contract 
5) Payment of a living wage 
6) Freedom of Association and the right to collective bargaining
7) No discrimination against employees 
8) No excessive hours of work 

As well as everyone being safe and well paid during the manufacture of the t-shirts, the primary energy source for the company is windfarms, they substitute the use of energy from fossil fuel power stations (boo!) for wind farms which is clean energy.






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