Our Re-Purposing Service Announcement

Do you have childhood sheets at home that you can't bare to part with?
WELL, in our new initiative we will be helping your sheets grow old, with you! Can you imagine the conversations you'll start whilst wearing your old duvet cover as new clothing? 
Shortly, we will launch our re-purposing project, where you can send in your sheets to be made into one of our cute shirts for YOU. We'll make it up in your chosen size & send it right back to you, transformed! This service will offer sizes 6-24. 
We are announcing this project early to give you time to dig into your attic and find those old duvets/curtains you were saving for this day, the beauty of this project is that all you need is the right amount of fabric. We'll be listing the amount of fabric needed to make shirts and all you'll need to do is make sure what you have is big enough! We'll take in table cloths, curtains, bed sheets, deadstock fabric etc. You can even shop your local charity shops to find the duvets yourself!
We'd love to hear your feedback and any questions you have about our new launch, in the comments section on instagram.

 If you're subscribed to our mailing list, the next email you receive will have further info on the launch dates of the pre-made shirts :)! We are currently busy making lots of stock for you.